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Coronavirus Infection Reaches Governments

Political leaders across the globe are contending with big changes as they try to adapt to coronavirus infiltration within their ranks. The very nature of politics includes shaking hands, travel, and meetings with groups both large and small, all working against the social distancing advised by health workers. Many world leaders and legislators are in their 70s and 80s placing them...

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President Trump to Block Travel from Europe to the U.S., Offers Aid to Workers and Small Businesses Impacted by Global Coronavirus Pandemic

U.S. President Donald Trump said this evening, just a few hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, that travel from Europe to the United States will not be permitted for 30 days beginning Friday, March 13th at midnight. He said that the restrictions apply to people not trade and promised to help workers and small businesses...

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An older patient with underlying health conditions is the United Kingdom's first coronavirus fatality. This week the UK government initiated a four stage approach to the virus: contain, delay, research, and mitigate. With 115 confirmed coronavirus cases, several of which appeared in persons without known exposure to the virus or areas with outbreaks, the UK is in stage two of their...

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